Aftermath: Gears of Hope

In a post-distopian world, taking place after WWIII, injured humans were turned into robohumans to help people win and end the war. After the war was over, the robohumans were (mostly) destroyed. Very few remain and must hide. However, they want to integrate into society and be with the humans. So, after a while of "recruiting" other injured humans and watching society rebuild itself, they decided to send spies posing as humans into the civilizations. You, the main player, are one of them. You are sent to pose as a human teenager in a high school. You do everything the normal students do - join clubs, be in groups, make friends, go to class, matchmake students or date them, yourself - or maybe you won't want to do most of those things and play the loner route... But how will you get information? If you even want to do that. You can turn on the robohumans at any time of communication with them. Every action has a consequence or set of consequences. Everything you do has upsides and downsides. Every move you make, you're faced with choices that will define your character and shape the game. Will you befriend the guy everybody hates or will you shun him like everybody else? Will you use your newfound chemistry skills to tamper with the cooking club's food or will you leave it be? Will you discover the underlying story behind the school or will you simply do what you need to do for the robohumans, then leave without a sound? Everything is up to you. The story is moulded by your actions. Everything in the school is at your disposal, including the students and faculty. The only major rule? Don't get found out. Don't get caught. Don't let them know what you are.

Made using: RPG Maker VX Ace
Runs on: Computers
Language(s): English

Check here for a more complete list of features, credits, characters, locations, etc.

Status: In development

Special thanks to Rikifive and Alpha Hedge for helping make this awesome name.

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