Apr 21, 2016

Otherworld and Aftermath Progress Updates (And a general update)

Okay! Fantastic news, everybody! I've made progress in both Otherworld and Aftermath: Gears of Hope!

Aftermath: Gears of Hope:

Finished up more area design
Added a build, version and update number (thanks, Vlue!)
Began adding shops
Began adding music
Began adding more students
Added some basic custom move routes
Began adding functionality to the in-game internet
Began adding charge-up stations
Updated the tilesets for better environments
Added an actual function to the school exterior
Gave up on the "choose your gender" thing - the protagonist is now gender-neutral
Custom pause menu (thanks, Shiggy!)
Custom startup menu
Opening sequence
Custom windowskin (thanks, Raymi!)

Still no funny remarks from students if you share their name
Quests have been completely removed and will be replaced at some point
Student groups don't move together
Standing on walls is a thing under certain circumstances
Several areas of the game have yet to be functional or even exist
I can't figure out how to make the security cameras work

More students
Shop functionality
More on-campus housing
Most internet functions
Security camera functionality
Actual dialogue
Better move routes
Card functionality
More music
Better school uniforms
Robotic actions
Student functionality
Class functionality
Contact with the other robohumans
Information functionality
Information in general
Journal system
Better protagonist sprite
Pet functionality
Anti-lag script
Character busts

So, all-in-all, my progress is minor, but it's more than I originally had, which was almost nothing. Yay me?


Fixed the game-breaking glitch
Added a new area
Added more antagonists
Redid some rather terrible dialogue
Added new items and armours
Redid some areas
Custom windowskin (thanks, Raymi!)

Every time I try to work on the game, something happens that prevents me from doing so

More areas
More antagonists
More items and armours
More weapons (probably)
A boss battle that poses some sort of difficulty
More mazes
Most of the game, in general

Again, no actual substantial progress, but I'm getting there. I'm going at a snail's pace, but I'm getting there.

All of my "wave one" games will have basic VX Ace chibi sprites, except for Nightwatch Nightmares: Act 1 and Aftermath: Gears of Hope. After that, most of my games will feature MACK sprites. If you have any ideas on how to help with anything in the "YET TO BE IMPLEMENTED" sections, let me know! There are a few things I won't accept help on, but those are few and far between.

Apr 6, 2016


I've come bearing updates for the games!
Nightwatch Nightmares: Act 1
This game has the most progress. I even have the official sprites for the staff done!
Official staff sprites. Dudes, don't use these. There's a reason the background is stripy. If I wanted them to be used, it'd be a plain background, if there were a background at all. ^_^
I need to get the fifty bazillion other non-staff NPCs sprited, but at least these are done, right?
As an explanation, since not all of these are original NN characters FROM the fic, Casandra, Rick, Reyna and Sophie are the waitresses/waiters at the place. People who know FNAF know about Jeremy and Fritz and people who know Purple Spring Foxy's universe know about Jeffery and Jonas. Mr. Peterson is a bit more obscure, but he's the CEO of Fazbear Entertainment. His surname was only ever confirmed as Peterson in the FNAF 3/2013 storyline.

As for actual game progress, I'm redoing a lot of it (and fixing a typo I keep forgetting to fix). Originally, you'd have to last 6 minutes without dying, then find something to end the night. In this newer version, you need to complete story-based actions (and still survive). The nights will no-longer have a time limit - it's all up to you. Don't worry, it won't be like in Siren, where if you don't do one thing or you do it out of order, you can't complete the game. It's not even going to be a lot per night. It's going to be a few simple things while dodging deadly animatronics, Balloon Boy and... Spoilers, sweetie...

Aftermath: Gears of Hope
This game has received almost as much progress as Nightwatch Nightmares: Act 1. However, due to my new use of MACK sprites, it will go through some serious re-spriting, which will slow my progress for a few days. However, I have several things done! I need to make some stuff work, implement many more things, get some music for the game, etc., etc., etc.

This game is currently on stand-by, due to a game-breaking bug that I can't seem to pinpoint. However, it will soon be being worked on, again.

Candy Crusade Chronicles 1
This game is undergoing the story and planning stage of development and, therefore, isn't even an RPG Maker project, at the moment.

Unnamed Devil May Cry Fangame
This game is undergoing the story and planning stage of development and, therefore, isn't even an RPG Maker project, at the moment.

Unnamed Castlevania Fangame
This game is undergoing the story and planning stage of development and, therefore, isn't even an RPG Maker project, at the moment.

Yes, two more games are in development! However, those last three are unlikely to get much progress any time soon. Story and planning often takes a long time. Best advice I can give, right now, is to be patient. Games are coming. Not now, but soon.

Feb 20, 2016

Purple Phantom Games Update

Hello! Purple Phantom, here, with the very first update!

Games in progress:
Candy Crusader Chronicles 1
Nightwatch Nightmares Act 1
Project 4 <name subject to change>

Cancelled games:


When four friends are transported to another realm, they learn of hidden powers and an ancient war. They must work together to bring peace to the realm and return to their home realm before both are destroyed. The game features graphics by Enterbrain, Raymi and Purple Phantom. Story by Purple Phantom. Music by Kevin MacLeod. Made in RPG Maker VX Ace.

Candy Crusade Chronicles 1
No set description, as of yet. Made in RPG Maker VX Ace.

Nightwatch Nightmares Act 1
The year is 1987. You're Jeremy Fitzgerald, the new night guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Everything is running as smoothly as a job with rampant, killer animatronics can go... But what happens when you throw a murderer into the mix? How about the spirits of the murderer's victims? The game features graphics by Enterbrain, willer111, xjello64x, TKZ Productions, Raymi and Purple Phantom. Story by Purple Spring Foxy. Stock music box music. Original idea from Five Nights at Freddy's by Scott Cawthon. Made in RPG Maker VX Ace.

Project 4 <name subject to change>
In a post-dystopian world, society has rebuilt. The robohumans that once helped end WWIII have been mostly destroyed. The few still remaining live separated from the humans. They wish to integrate peacefully with them, but are unable, so they send spies into the human world. You are one of those spies. You are a highschooler. Gather information on the humans while remaining undercover. The game features graphics by Enterbrain, Raymi and Purple Phantom. Story by Purple Phantom. Music by Kevin Macleod and Ross Bugden. Made in RPG Maker VX Ace.

And now, Spookhouse...
Rest in peace. Spookhouse was supposed to be the first game released. The idea was that you get stuck in a house where you have to find your way to the end by multiple means, including puzzles, quests and battles. Along they way, you would find people to help you on your journey. Unfortunately, I've been having problem after problem with this game. First, I only had RPG Maker VX Ace Lite, which made it so I couldn't export the game. Then, I got the full version, but the original VX Ace Lite unreleased first draft pre-demo version of the game was corrupted. So, I got rid of it and built it up from scratch... And it was actually good! Buggy as all get-out, but good! Unfortunately, my old computer was a hunk of junk that corrupted the editable part of the game. The playable part was working, but I couldn't get in to modify/edit/fix/debug/etc. the game. It wouldn't open. "File corrupted." At some point, I'll probably bring the game back to life in a much better, less buggy form, but that probably won't be any time soon.